Freeing the Word F*+#!? for a greater sophisticated good!

Die Vds-Debatte nimmt hysterische Züge an und man möchte Hans-Peter Uhl & Konsorten gerne mal einen reinwürgen, politisch unkorrekt die Meinung äußern. Die Unwürdigkeit der Debatte mit den entsprechenden Worten anprangern. Es fällt auf, das die Kultur des Streitgesprächs nur noch von wenigen beherrscht wird. Die Twittergemeinde hat es teilweise drauf und verschafft sich Luft. Allen voran @jensbest der (zurecht) ziemlich angefressen wirkt.

Der Kollege @karstenlucke und ich, wir sind immer wieder erstaunt darüber, dass Jugendliche nicht in der Lage sind härtere rhetorische Bandagen aufzufahren, wenn es darauf ankommt einen Standpunkt mal richtig klar zu machen. Dabei kann ein gepflegtes „scheiße“, oder ein beredtes „mit Verlaub Herr Präsident, sie sind ein Arschloch!“ wahre Wunder wirken, nachhaltig Interesse generieren und gefolgt von einem entsprechend stichhaltigen Argument den Gegenüber in Verlegenheit bringen.

Vor kurzem habe ich einen Essay von Michael McClure aus meinen Studienunterlagen ausgegraben, den ich nun hier (annotated and shortened) veröffentlichen will / muß / kann und darf, weil mir dieses ewig weichgespülte, Konsenstümelnde und unter allen Umständen sachliche, immer öfter auf die Nerven geht (Bakhtinian Carnival, Hurray)!

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Freeing the F-Word aus (Phi Upsilon Kappa)

I’ve been through personal agonies that all men must go through. Writing is a kind of pain as well as a joy at the chance to make a new liberty. Gregory Corso asked me to join him in a project to free the word FUCK from its chains and strictures. I leap to make some new freedom. I believe in a visionary philosophy that demands I take this chance and make a personal speech and statement. I know no languages but French, German, Latin and Greek that come from smatterings of school and reading. In my own investigations the Anglos Saxon language, Old English, is the most perfect tower and cavern of words I’ve yet discovered. […] I did not find the word fuck in Anglo Saxon dictionaries – but it is not matter whether the word was used then or if it was born in later days of old English. […]

FUCK! The word fuck is a mantra. Sanskrit: man is the first syllable of manana or thinking. Tra is from trana or liberation from the samsra or phenomenal world. Mantra calls thought-freedom forth! The barrier against it makes a mantra of it. It will call forth. Shout FUCK and break up your image. Say all the words that are denied to you and make all deep desired acts that are mortal and have perfect meaning to your meat.

Mantra is a word to break the stable vision when it freezes solid. [And here comes Bakhtinian Theory] After the escape from the static representation of man in the arts came a period of great experimentation. The body was ignored, removed from, twisted, distorted.

[The Bakhtinian “carnival” is a festivity enrooted in medieval times, which turns everything around. Key carnivalesque topoi closely connected and constantly referred to are banquet imagery, marketplace speeches, the lower bodily stratum, the grotesque body and gay relativity, or to put it more blatant: “carnival involves the ‘material bodily stratum’, those ‘organic’ aspects of human life that involve fucking, gorging, pissing, shitting, puking, menstruating and all the other ways in which the body can act in what [white] high cultural norms define as ‘disgusting’ fashions”] The ejection of all these aspects of life will eventually lead to „a frozen imagevision of deadmeat. – what if each vision were stepped through and each image broken? No man can be denied a deep desire or kept from the honest word. FUCK! Sing fuck. Shout Fuck. Say anything from deep within. Say FUCK! Say I FUCK! Say FUCK because it is a spirit mantra as is any word that moves and vibrates the chest like a roar. Say any word that returns man to a meaning or names any noble act as vow. Any great swearing. And those who deny a word help to freeze up life into a denying form. FUCK can be an exclamation that clears the senses.

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