OUR #stwory – collaborative Storytelling via Twitter

Right now we are hosting yet another internationale seminar at the Europa-Haus Marienberg (@thinkeurope). For the first time we are dealing with the issue of digital storytelling in the context of political and intercultural youth education. Thus, we thought it would be nice to put together a collaborative narrative. First ideas went towards an etherpad, but since young people usually are not to happy with that tool, we decided  it would be nice to have one major story written collaboratively via twitter. Meaning: Everybody who has a twitter account can add bits and bites, i.e. pieces to the story. Very similar to a twitter project by Tim Burton called “burtonstory“. By using the #tag “#stwory” everybody (inside and outside this seminar) is invited to add to the story. You can follow the development of the story on thinkeuropestories (RSS feed of #stwory can be found in the blogs widget column on the right side).

P.S. There really is no topic the story should evolve around. It would be great if “leitmotifs” developed as the writing progresses ;)

Let’s get the #stwory rolling!!!

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