Re:publica 12 – Sex, Dystopia and some self-proclaimed VIPs #rp12

Let’s start talking bizniz. 

First day of the re:publica: After having sat through a rather indifferent opening ceremony Eben Moglen from Columbia Law school opened stage one. His main point eveloving around the thesis that freedom of thought and speech require are closely linked to free media (soft- and hardware). He stated that it is not too late to sacrifice some of our apple and commercial network based convenience in order to take a stand for freedom – especially for a free society for our children to live in. „We have been debating about the time and place, when we would would be living among roboters. I must reveal to you: We are already living among them.“ This thesis is valid considering the many mobile devices each and every one of us owns and uses.

team @thinkeurope inside the re:publica piktomat

Same day: Cindy Gallop talks about her project „makelovenotporn.com“. Her approach to address (and point to the interdependencies between) real world sexuality and pornographic online-content openly very much reminded me of Oswald Kolles efforts in the field of sexual education in the late 60s. I strongly recommend to watch her session and follow her daring and important project. You can also start registering for makelovenotporn.tv which is in Beta at the moment.

Second Day: @laprintemps (Julia Schramm) and @zeitrafferin (Julia Seeliger) try to provoke the audience to start trolling them. Their feeble and rather one-dimensional approach backfired. The audience started showing signs of confusion, boredom and worst of all indifference – „fremdschämen“ kicked in.

In the end Julia Schramm reveals her lack of social competence, when after the session she leaves a devastated Julia Seeliger to pick up the pieces of their „gone-horribly-wrong“ session. For somebody who yearns for more responsibility and claims to be a new (digital) moral entity, this behaviour is remarkably ignorant and selfish – just sayin’… and to those smartasses who now think about commenting: „Well, now you are trolling. So, they did do a (good) job after all!“ I say: You should try to figure out the difference between being trolled and being critisized –

Short digression: I am constantly amazed by the fact, that the allegedly or self-proclaimed important digital VIPs keep defending themselves against many critiques with the thought-terminating cliché „I don’t respond to trolls“ – that’s sad!

Concerning this years motto: ACTION. I must say a bit more of action would have been great. Apart from the edunauten project, „Action“ meant: sit and listen! Why didn’t we have „just dance“ or „sing star“ sessions (what a blast that could have been together with 2000 people in front of stage 1). Where were the flashmobs? And why didn’t receive @jmm_hamburg a larger timeslot for his googlequiz?

My personal thanks go to: the many people I exchanged interesting and inspiring thoughts with. Just to name a few: @gibro @palimpoetikon @empeiria @henni86 and the Ironbloggerberlin, some of which I met for the first time #undallesoyeah

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