The Internet – A token of Existentialist philosophy

The chronotopos of the absurd reveals twisted characteristics of time and space. Where space is usually dimensioned and filled with meaning by means of time, the absurd universe has no spare room for any entity whatsoever. Within the absurd the artistic relation between time and space erodes and is open to  redefining powers.

The idea of the absurd is inherent in Existentialist philosophy. The absurd mirrors the confusion of the era we live in: Shifting paradigms, the rise of (religious and digital) spirituality interfering with intercultural rationalism, political changes and terrorism; only to name a few. And all these different influences are leaking into our cultural and social spheres – your personalized digital realm.  This creates more confusion with every solution or suggestion that brings the individual to another scratch, i.e. a shitstorm, an interruption of digital identity. Thus, it is of utmost importance to locate and stabilize oneSelf within the online-environment.

„But after I had laughed I was thrown back on my thoughts—how had it all happened? And I asked myself if it were only a joke and I couldn’t answer. Since then I’ve sometimes been overcome with a passion to return into that „heart of darkness“ across the Mason-Dixon line, but then I remind myself that the true darkness lies within my own mind, and the idea loses itself in the gloom. Still the passion persists. Sometimes I feel the need to reaffirm all of it, the whole unhappy territory and all the things loved and unlovable in it, for all of it is part of me. Till now, however, this is as far as I’ve ever gotten, for all life seen from the hole of invisibility is absurd.“ (Ralph Ellison)

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