Some say it is not a name, but my Mom thought otherwise and now all my tags read „Anselm Maria Sellen“. Even for German standards that is a weird name (and I am suffering some pretty stiff competition here). Ever since, I have been subject to some creative jokes and even more shiftless puns. At least it is a nice conversation opener!

I studied at the Universities of Würzburg and Siegen (American studies in the fields of Literature and Media combined with political sciences).

At the moment, I am employed by the Europahaus Marienberg, carrying the very „Faulkeneresque“ title „Director of Studies“ (I love „the Sound and the Fury“ of it!). At the Europahaus Marienberg I am busy organizing and conducting political youth education. I am developing digital education methods (edutech) and connect all of this to (Street-)Arts and all sorts of cultural techniques.  All this is summoned under the label:  thinkeurope.  Before that, I did some cultural managment in Berlin (illustrative e.V.) and back in Spain and the US I worked for local and national Radiostations.

At University I dealt with topics like „cultural memory“, „identity formation“, „Black American Writing“, „Border Lands“, „Other Spaces, „the Absurd“, „Otherness“… and astonishingly enough, I graduated with some beautiful but very „indifferent“ thoughts on Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and Bakhtinan theory. You can also buy this breathtaking (center-) piece of work on amazon (if you do so, you will probably be the first and last to make this extremely advisable purchase!)

I would like to dedicate this blog to efforts that evolve around the vast fields of Education, Literature, Arts, Culture and Social Media. I hope this blog to be collaborative. With different people to develop ideas, concepts and observations touching upon issues of „digital collective memory“, „storytelling strategies“, „political education“ etc.

There is so much to do and so many possibilities at hand… this blog will (hopefully) contribute to the structuring and clustering of thought. I hope to install this blog as a plattform for response and open think tanking processes. This blog explicitly invites you to respond to any impulse that will be published and/or triggered here. I hope that the concept of Common Craft will apply sooner or later!

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  1. Hallo, über Twitter hierher, und nun treffe ich auf einen Bachtin-Freund… Ja, es gibt so wenige von uns heute (ältliches Seufzen).

  2. Hallo… Ich bin Amilia… Sorry my German isn’t great! I just wanted to say that I really liked your article on Alice in Wonderland and Dadaism- I always thought that they shared the same ideas and it was interesting to see your view.

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