Revolutionary Suicide – Gedanken zur Bildung

Ein echter Mindblower! Ich habe noch nicht einmal richtig angefangen es zu lesen, da schrillen bereits einige Alarmglocken. Hier ein paar Glocken (Zitate), damit auch ihr alarmiert sein könnt: “During those long years in Oakland public schools, I did not have one teacher who taught me anything relevant to my own life or experience.” “Throughout […]

11.11.2011 The exposing power of Bakhtinan Carnival

The carnival Bakhtin transposes into a literary concept does not have much in common with the carnival of our days. The Bakhtinian “carnival” is a festivity enrooted in medieval times. Key carnivalesque topoi closely connected and constantly referred to are banquet imagery, marketplace speeches, the lower bodily stratum, the grotesque body and gay relativity, or […]