„Mad as hell!“ – Die Ökonomie der Bildung

Kulturabbau: Ein großes Wort. Und trotzdem: Was wir im Moment in der Finanzkrise erleben (Stichwort: Grundlegende Euroskepsis unter jungen Menschen und Renationalisierungstendenzen), stellt unserer Gesellschaft eine gemeinsame Bildungsfrage. Das Problem ist das grundlegend ökonomisierte Verständnis von Bildung. Jungen Menschen werden mit Wissen gefüttert, das in erster Linie dazu dienen soll einen hohen persönlichen Lebensstandard herzustellen. […]

The dualistic Internet: At the Manichean divide a new species emerges

When I follow discussions and debates on the Internet I am sometimes under the impression that the Internet is a digital postcolonialist playground. Quickly people and opinions are categorized in dualistic conflicting worldviews – the polarization of discussion (open and unbiased discussions are very seldomly found). Democracy, patriotism, internal and external wars, all political tactics […]

11.11.2011 The exposing power of Bakhtinan Carnival

The carnival Bakhtin transposes into a literary concept does not have much in common with the carnival of our days. The Bakhtinian “carnival” is a festivity enrooted in medieval times. Key carnivalesque topoi closely connected and constantly referred to are banquet imagery, marketplace speeches, the lower bodily stratum, the grotesque body and gay relativity, or […]

Inhabiting the Social Networks – a „different“ approach to the online-realm and its subversive powers

The discussion of space in connection with the Social Media is inextricably linked to the anthropological  discourse on the matter. Oneself orientates with the help of spatial paradigms. In accordance with space man develops his senses, his imagination and his memory, thus man is socialised within spatial structures (Jan und Aleida Assmann). A more particular […]