The racist dilemma in intercultural education – a Catch 22 situation

“Could somebody please help me with my whiteness – that elusive form […] Whiteness is so fucking unfair, so boring, so overdetermined and fake, so tight, so ridiculous. I am sick of going to work where the professors are white and the custodians are black, […] most of the students are criminal justice majors, and everyone thinks that’s a […]

11.11.2011 The exposing power of Bakhtinan Carnival

The carnival Bakhtin transposes into a literary concept does not have much in common with the carnival of our days. The Bakhtinian “carnival” is a festivity enrooted in medieval times. Key carnivalesque topoi closely connected and constantly referred to are banquet imagery, marketplace speeches, the lower bodily stratum, the grotesque body and gay relativity, or […]